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Dynamic social email templates



Dynamic, social email templates



The Basics


3 engineers, 1 visual designer, 1 product manager

4 months

My Role
Lead User Researcher, Interaction Designer



The Challenge

BrandMyMail provides a way to create and send socially-branded emails from your personal email client. During the product's beta release, a lot of users were either not making it through the setup process, or making it through, using the product a couple of times and not returning. My job was to find out why we were losing users and propose ways to fix it.



Figuring Out the Problem

Interviews and surveys
In order to understand the problem, I interviewed a few users to get a lay of the land. Once I had a hunch about what might be happening, I followed up with a larger survey of people who had signed up but not completed the setup.


Survey results



Redesign: Fixing the Problem

From my research I learned that many people had trust issues. The product required the user to give the password to their email and install a plugin as a first step. This made them uncomfortable.

To inspire trust, I proposed a change in the flow which allowed the user to play with the tool before ever providing access to their email account.



Testing Pre-Release

I tested the new flow with a new set of users. Using the new flow, users showed no apprehension about providing their email password or installing the plugin.



The Result

As a result of the changes, we saw a 35% increase in sign-up conversions. This helped put the beta release on solid ground. More importantly, our users felt they could trust us—a big win for any new product. 


This is awesome. I am really liking working with your interface. Simple.
— Jon, BrandMyMail User