Emme Clark Design Portfolio


A friendly and seamless background check service.



GoodHire is a user-loved background check service.



The Basics

Inflection LLC

15 or so "Goodies"

1.5 years

My Role
Lead UX Designer


Hey, let’s leverage our public records platform and create a background check service.
— My bosses
Good idea.
— Me


The Challenge

Inflection LLC specializes in people data records. They wanted to use their existing people data platform to build a pre-employment background check service. 

My role was to design the UX of this brand new service from the ground up. The new service, GoodHire, has now been recognized as a top background check service and the design is a big piece of that.

Here's how we did it.



Making GoodHire Great


Outlining the Opportunity

Design was our competitive advantage. To start, I performed a design competitive analysis. I analyzed how our competitors looked, conveyed information, and interacted with their customers. Based on my analysis, we knew there was a lot we could do to set ourselves apart.

Here is a snapshot of our design opportunities I outlined.


Meeting Our User

To make a great product, we had to know our user. Our intellectually-dogged user researcher, Andrea Moed, led the persona research with assistance from myself. 

This persona work and user journey was a result of numerous user interviews, which led us to find our target user: an HR director at a small-to-medium size business, who is savvy despite a lot of constraints and doesn't have time for messy services.

We also noted some clear pain points in their user journey which we felt we could address with our product. 


Keeping it Real

I believe in keeping the user front and center during the product development process. Here are two methods I use to make that happen. 


Method 1

Once creating personas, it's easy for teams to get lost in abstraction. A good way to remember the context of your persona attributes is to tie each point back to original sources. I did that on this persona. Every attribute is tied back to the sources we pulled it from. This gives team decision-making a firm foundation and is something unique to my work. 

Method 2

I keep my flows and wireframes tied to the user by including the users on the documentation itself.


It's All in the Flows

One key to our success was creating clean flows, testing them, and then making them cleaner. Completing a background check is an input-intensive process that requires the work of two people: the HR rep and the candidate being hired. I worked on this flow until it was as smooth as it could be. 

This work paid off. Reviews.com describes the consent-collection flow I designed as the "most seamless" in the business.


Fast turnaround, transparent pricing, and seamless consent-collection — all in a modern, beautiful design.
— Reviews.com


The Visual Design Process

I collaborated with the talented designers, Lynn Sandberg and Tai Kenning, on the visual design. Here's some of the output of that collaboration.



The Result

GoodHire launched in 2012 has been ✶ rated as one of the best background check services around.   

  • Rated #1 screening service for small businesses by Business News Daily
  • Rated #1 screening service for small businesses by Reviews.com
  • Rated #4 overall screening service by Biz Brain

I've been pleased to see GoodHire grow and am happy to have been a part of it. Most of all, I'm happy that our users are happy. 


...the service’s online system is extremely user-friendly.
— Business News Daily
Thanks, BND. That’s nice to hear.
— Me